Meet The Team


With 11 years of experience in the theatre industry, Nathan’s expertise spans across the West End, Medium Scale Touring, and The National Theatre. He has a natural inclination towards tackling complex challenges and derives great satisfaction from adapting existing products to meet the needs of theatre production. Nathan’s passion for small-scale electronics and his ability to devise innovative solutions to intricate problems sets him apart from his peers, making him an asset to any production team.


Michael is a seasoned theatre industry professional, having spent nine years honing his craft with a focus on the West End. As Practically Perfect’s resident 3D printing and modelling expert, he is responsible for bringing to life some of the company’s most innovative designs. Michael’s ingenuity and technical know-how have been integral to the success of Practically Perfect’s ‘At home’ branch, where his design and prototyping work has resulted in the creation of the highly popular Stage Weight Keychains available for purchase in the company’s shop.

Michael & Nathan